The peaceless

Parentia Majú Niekedy feel that odkedy sa im born beloved offspring, Unmajú of life. Slowy Dvadsaťštyri Hodin Daily Musia even if in Streh, ready, Shchad Crumb begins to cry and let him go to Nemu. Make him Plienka, play with him and give him a ride. The Keď sa z DROBCA becomes a backpack, Situácia sa very unwavering. On the contrary, pribudne one of the great starosť. Backpack plan very elevating, Najradšej would prelozili whole DOM and unfortunately, Nielen on safe Miestach. Every Skrinka or stairs Plan challenge, but alarmom pre parent, Ktorí SA from Svojho little nemôžu at a moment vzdialiť. Well Len, therefore, who does not use the advantages of the playpen pre-Deti.
Behind the barrier
In the convoy of the children in the safe and the parents, I will breathe in a moment, the Keď sa môžu not venovno inej activities. Little SA môthat play Alebo on Mäkkej Podstielke to get the priamo between with toys. Behold the small beudies, it is not going to go, cho it is, Cho Parentov najviac and môžu sa pri čomkoľvek, Cho Robia, uvoľniť. Inak would still think Len on Svojho DROBCA, where still lezie. Behind the gate I will be good, the wake of the priestor and I do not ask where the parents are.

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